Sturgill Simpson

There is so much that I could write about this fellow’s creativity and I just don’t know where to start. I suppose that I could start with how I come about him last night. I was winding down after a family get together and looking through my reader here on WordPress and one of my long time blogger buddies shared a post about country music and how some more traditional country artists had enjoyed a very nice bump in sales this week. On the list is Dwight Yoakam. I hadn’t listened to any of his stuff in years, so I went to YouTube and listened to ” A Thousand Miles From Nowhere”. While listening to that, the wife asked to hear “Guitars Cadillacs”. She has to suffer through a lot of sorry music when I am not wearing headphones and I am looking for new music, so when she makes a request, I am quick to oblige. I wasn’t really looking for anything new last night and viewed the YouTube wormhole to the right of the screen and clicked on John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind”, which lead to “Black Sheep“. It was about then that the wife asked to hear some George Jones. I pulled up “Choices“. There on the right was George’s ” Whose gonna fill their shoes?”.  One of the habits that I have from mining for new artists is to view the comments about a video on Youtube. It is rare that I strike gold with this habit, but this is how I come about Sturgill due to a post from Tyler Anderson. I looked Sturgill up on Facebook and saw that two of my family members had liked him out of the 50,000 likes. That is more popular than what I usually share on here, but Sturgill’s creations and his way just sucked this writer in.

Sturgill is from Jackson, Kentucky which is about a half day horse ride from where the writer was born. He is the son of a coal miners daughter. His affection for turtles is shared with the writer. :).  There is something to be said about a singer sanging his own song. It seems genuine. He says he ain’t no singer, just that he yells in key. He has put out two albums and has said that he is stopping at five albums. Listening to his music and some interviews; I sure as hell won’t be looking for a sixth. This ole boy seems true as whistling wind through a tree. Here is some links to his story.

Fader article


Rolling Stone feed

Artist links



Bandcamp ( where his music can be purchased)


The first video is the first one that I watched from Sturgill. It was love at first listen. The second is also turtle themed. King Turtle on Shit Mountain. :). The third video full of new ground for a country themed artist.  The fourth video caused a bit of controversy when he performed it live on Conan. I will share his response after the fourth video to that controversy.

“Been some folks coming to my page to chastise (judge) me for taking the Lord’s name in vain on Conan so figured I should address it.

the song is actually a metaphor comparing the soothing yet completely
addictive and damaging effects of hard narcotic opiates to the negative
sociological impact of organized religion and blind faith when forced
upon society and used as a political tool by self-righteous,
thinly-veiled bigots to control and manipulate the masses and enhance
the suffering of impoverished, lower class citizens. Also, since I’m
self-funding/self-releasing my art instead of shooting for ACM awards
and taking it up the ass from the music row man, I have the right to
write and sing and say whatever I choose just as you have the right to
not buy or listen to my music and stay away from my page if you don’t
like it.

So with that said…
1. I sang it like I wrote it
2. Censorship is bullshit
3. This is America and people can say anything they want including “Goddamn” at the top of their lungs on national TV”







6 responses to “Sturgill Simpson

  1. Will Hoge and Sturgill Simpson are two of my go to CDs right now. Sturgill has a steady fan base, makes a good argument for being able to be your own boss and putting out great product. Consistently in the top ten on iTunes, holding his own against the male artists with big record deals. You’ve been listening to some great music this weekend! Really happy to see so many introducing his music to fans, nice job!

    • I figured you were well acquainted with him. I will check out Will Hoge. It’s nice to see artists going against the grain and doing fine without being propped up by the machinery.

  2. Couldn’t believe his voice…..gonna find his cd’s……..gonna get one for me and my brother in law im NC…….he’d love him too!

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