William Elliott Whitmore

I come across William a couple of months ago. His creations made an instant connection here.  When an artist’s creation is a blood letting; I can’t deny myself the beauty and soul of it and become drunken with it.  There just ain’t much of a buzz from what the radio is playing. This stuff is pure liquor from a mason jar for the writer.

I am in a dark place with how things are in this world. I no longer suffer long, but to see the senseless suffering I come in contact on a daily basis is not easily averted. My home is well adjusted to disorder and the flow around here seems pretty damn good. I could very easily just be content with the beautiful wonderment that my own family provides and leave the rest to ignorance out of convenience, but my heart for some dam reason won’t allow it. The idiotic conflict is overwhelming leaving me without words to vent or express the confusion of it; to get it out some way.  The Prejudice, racism, fear, greed, envy, hate, and dishonesty that is seeded by perceptive difference is so blinding and binding. It must not be many that ever suffer enough to look at their own difference and feel the beauty that is opposite of beauty within their own difference. There is a non dual perspective, but the conditioned duality through my heritage and culture leaves me content with Triality for now. There is duality than there is not which by my simple perspective leaves me with three. Nothing is not the nothing I was lead to believe and accept. It is and it isn’t. It can be felt, but not reasoned with by way of conditioned reality. It is much to strong of a flow for existence with the body’s needs of survival. It destroys the known and leaves a choice less existence as a form of reality, but to see this nation and world continue down this road to Hell is deeply sobering into the duality of this realm.  I can breath, and am grateful for my own breath, but my ignorance is not strong enough to avoid the emptiness seeded by those that can’t breath due to the ignorance of others that I can’t escape from because they feel a part of me. The road to Hell may be paved with good intentions but the road to heaven seems as luggage hidden by  fear and ignorance of it. William’s music speaks to this emptiness and I can feel the cries of my ancestors with it. And I love them all for it and flow drunken with the enormity of it.



Weathered Leather
sewn love
oracles that tanith hides
death’s seed soiling
ignorance binds
red river flows
a brook of slain truth
swallows seams
parching shame’s breath
lying within without
Weathered Leather





2 responses to “William Elliott Whitmore

  1. Thank you as always for your contributions to my musical palette. Whitmore is new to me and I thoroughly enjoy his sound. I also wanted to let you know that I finally bought an acoustic bass, and I am backing a local musician that I really dig. Bass is simple, like giant primary colors. I no longer have to worry about pulling off giant chords. All I do, is hit one note out of chords which are made of three notes. take care..ted

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