Dynasty Electric

During another session of looking for local artists to share; I got hemmed in by this band from Brooklyn. At least they are from the same continent so keeping it somewhat local.:).  Their genre is self described as Psych Pop. There is a diverse inescapable  conscientious flow from the heart of light with these creations. This band has been around since 2003. They have played at the Burning and Frozen Man festivals. Listening to their material that is available on YouTube, one can feel why they would be welcomed at any gathering of like minded minds connected to the flow of nature.

Band Links





The first video came with the flow of my breakfast. I made some oatmeal, and used raw honey to sweeten the oats. This honey was stolen by my father, who passed away in 2001. I feel his love when I taste this honey’s sweetness. I watched him and my granddaddy steal honey. Granddaddy was an artist at stealing honey. He went to the hive with only a smoker.  Granddaddy was a super hero to the writer when he would go into the supers like that. The man held no fear of the bees, but they would sting him, and he just swiped the stingers off and kept stealing. He had enough sense though to leave the bees enough for themselves, so the supply of honey would be replenished to steal again. What mankind could learn from a wise beekeeper when it comes to living balanced with the nature of this world? Mighten there be plenty of honey for everyone.

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.”  Wendell Berry


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