This band is the number one band in Norway. They are currently opening up for Mastadon. The writer is home alone getting acquainted with apple spirits. Started the evening by searching for something local and synchronicity led me to this great sounding Norwegian band. The spotted owl came through a boss man at work today during his speaking to our group.  What he said bothered me, but I let it go recognizing that his opinion is probably a popular one in this society and to a point I agree. His comment was that when it comes between a job and an owl, the owl needs to find another place to live. The first thing that came to mind was how the Native American was treated. Then how any American is treated if their home is in the way of a job. That home may even be six feet underground. Commerce is a large authority over much opinion and that includes my own to a point of balance with nature. At least in viewing things as they are. Anyways, this boss man is really a good dude and if I were to judge; one of the better guys I have worked for. This is in no way to discredit him, but to thank him for giving me something to write about. Hell, what a terribly boring existence this would be if everyone agreed. Maybe it is the apple spirits combined with the spotted black bird that was trapped in the building by trash bins when I left the group meeting that brings these words out tonight or maybe it was the appearance of the owl head on one of the band mates in the first video. Oh! and I must not forget that one of my favorite bloggers wrote about a beautiful experience with winter birds today. This is an example of synchronicity for the writer. When these creations touched my senses; the nose started running. Nothing is coincidence and it just happens. Nothing to make that big of deal of, but the flow of it sure makes life interesting.  Have a beautiful weekend and stay well. :).

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This band is smashing. It goes quite well with distillation consumption. I can’t understand a fricking word, but sometimes music transcends translation. Damn this band is good or maybe it is just for the birds…..:).

The first shall be last and the last shall be first

Nothing is sacred in so that everything is sacred


Middle way

Golden mean

All life matters

even spotted owls





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