The Vim Dicta

The Vim Dicta is based out of Los Angeles. The funky viscosity of these sounds grease the dopamine gears here. There is about 40 years worth of ingredients in this concoction of activity. This three piece band has been at it since 2011 and hooked up with their current drummer off a Craigslist ad.  On the way to work this morning the talking heads were discussing the problems of getting burnt by con artists on Craigslist. It is nice to know that there are exceptions since there is no confidence needed to take a nice little trip with The Vim Dicta.  This band is self labeled as  PsychoGroove artists. This band is not signed and is an underground band with a cloud floating sound.  Here is an article by Artemis Thomas-Hansard from the LA Weekly on them.





I had a hard time picking three videos and not even thinking of which order to put them in. They all get it done for the writer.


“The interstate seems to stretch for miles in a straight line as the fields and farms give way to a more barren landscape. “Loneliness has been good to me’ is playing on my personal radio where I hear songs before I write them, and I wonder if this is just another mirage I will forget or if this will become a real song. It has been a long time since I’ve written a song, and the visits from the muse seem to be lessened by something. I still keep my faith that the muse knows best and when I am ready the inspiration will be there. I am trying not to look too ready. I know that just invites false promise.” Neil Young



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