Baliff is from Chicago, Ill. I spent this morning looking for a group that is radical and full of protest. It is a band that I found within the last month but failed to put it on the list. This isn’t the first time that I failed to put a nice find on the list. After listening to Baliff for a couple of hours, I am pleased with my forgetfulness. Bailiff was on the list. :).

Here is an article from That Music Mag. There is a good description of how this band came to be on their Facebook about page. Going from song to song there is a diverse range of influence present. The lyrics are deep enough. The rock rolls enough. I suppose that could be written about any rock band, so don’t take my hairy ears for it; listen for yourself if you have time to experience something fresh.

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Know the strength of man,
But keep a woman’s care!
Be the stream of the universe!
Being the stream of the universe,
Ever true and unswerving,
Become as a little child once more.

Know the white,
But keep the black!
Be an example to the world!
Being an example to the world,
Ever true and unwavering,
Return to the infinite.

Know honor,
Yet keep humility!
Be the valley of the universe!
Being the valley of the universe,
Ever true and resourceful,
Return to the state of the uncarved block.

When the block is carved, it becomes useful.
When the sage uses it, he becomes the ruler.
Thus, “A great tailor cuts little.”


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