Cadaver Dogs

This band is from Columbus,Oh. It is nice to get a tip about a band that is fairly local. A  cohort in occasional civilized debachary shared this band with me last night. We both attended a high school football banquet so we both were on our best civilized behavior last night. Grateful that my son plays football and his daughter cheers so that on occasion life’s responsibilities brings us together without planning (Not disregarding the work of those that planned the event (which includes the wife). Also grateful that I was able to remember the name of the band Dr. Larry recommended without having to write it down. :).

These guys rock. Dr. Larry has well tuned ears. There is a dark flow to their creations, but darkness does give reason to light so therefore gives reason to darkness. It’s a beautiful thing to feel for one’s self. The perfection of it, and art expresses this so well through creation. The wildness here is untamed savagery and is beautifully disturbing to the writer.

Cadaver Dogs are dogs that are trained to detect dead humans.  A fitting name for this band and I write that with affection. One of my favorite band names is Wet Nuns and one of their members passed on this week. Reading what I wrote about Wet Nuns  leaves me feeling empty. Death and darkness dance hand in hand with life and light.  My heart is feeling empty due to Alexis Gotts reportedly taking his own life. He was so close to finding life. In that I feel emptiness and a selfish gratefulness for having survived to experience another celebration of Thanksgiving. Giving thanks is thanksgiving, so I give thanks to everything that has given. Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Here is some links to the band





The first video shared is power infused thumping and bluesy as hell. The second video is lyrically deep with simplicity touching my own life experience. The third video is all about the funky shorts. :).

Kill the self and just breath. Killing the self may be a form of suicide. One that may not be able to be applied by ones with broken brains. The broken brain that kills breath may be doing the right thing, but in their brokenness can’t separate the illusion of self from the being, so they mistakenly take the being along with the self.
The one with a broken brain is always the last to recognize that it is broken. We can’t blame ourselves when those that we know take their own breath away. Maybe we can learn from them and pass the knowledge how to accomplish a form of suicide that leaves us with our breath. In this way, maybe we can make amends that the subconscious seems to desire. To share the peace of selflessness.







3 responses to “Cadaver Dogs

  1. I like the Cadaver Dogs. I got caught up in Art School Rock type bands and their pretentions. It is upsetting, that Art bands harness dangerous impulses, but somehow these dogs are more gritty and real.

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