Little Hopi

Little Hopi awoke one morning at the foot of a great mountain surrounded by a family of rabbits. She could remember nothing for during the night she had hit her head on a rock during a great fall from top the mountain. This family of rabbits were kind so they motioned for Little Hopi to join them for breakfast. Little Hopi was hungry and found sense through hunger to join them for breakfast. She tried to eat what the rabbits were eating, but the carrots just didn’t taste right. The rabbits kissed and hugged Little Hopi and showed her how to hop like they did. Little Hopi did her best to fit in with the rabbit family as the days wore on, but her way of hopping was like no other.
The rabbits had grown so fond of Little Hopi, and started to hope that Little Hopi would learn to hop right and find happiness in the family. All the other rabbits in the forest were invited to come see Little Hopi hop. The rabbits came from all around and forgot about all their troubles through laughing at this unusual hopping by Little Hopi. Little Hopi felt so humiliated by not hopping right. When all the other rabbits had come and gone the rabbit family saw that their efforts had failed so they gave Little Hopi hugs and kisses.
When Little Hopi wanted to eat an apple, all the rabbits jumped up and down in protest showing Little Hopi that apples are bad and not to eat them. Over time, Little Hopi became weak and would always tire of trying to keep up with her family. She was tired of eating carrots and avoiding apples. She felt so alone, although the rabbits were always there for her and did usually wait for her when they went from place to place. Sometimes the rabbits would get behind and push Little Hopi trying to help her to keep up, but sometimes the rabbits would give up and just leave her alone.

During the last time Little Hopi was left alone by the rabbits, she felt so out of place full of weakness. She cried a puddle of tears. Little Hopi looked into the puddle and what she saw frightened her. Little Hopi withdrew into her shell. She had never felt so safe with fear before. She hadn’t known that she had had a shell. She felt so at home and started to laugh and laugh at how easy she was to fool as she went looking for an apple.


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