The Temperance Movement

This band rocks the blues. After listening to them for a bit, I was not surprised to see that they have opened up for the Rolling Stones. It could of been AC/DC, The Black Crows or ZZ Top that they had opened for and I would not have been surprised. This band has been on the list for awhile, and looking through the list, their name stood out somewhat with what my mind has been bombarded with the last few weeks: Politics, Government and Taylor Swift.

Democracy has seemed to have gone to pot around here. We have replaced attending debates between thinkers and candidates with 30 second narrow minded presentations of grandeur. It has gotten so bad around here, that the current governor around here didn’t even take the time to debate the challengers. While he did do the sensible thing for a politician with a large lead in the polls, it does seem more of a reflection of a dictatorship than that of what Democracy aims to practice witch to this simple writer is a free election between ideas that stand electorate scrutiny (I do know that it is a Republic). It is not the fault of the governor, as so much as it is the fault of the citizens. Citizens that have allowed power to dictate the menu. Citizens that have allowed their own reason to be reasoned for them by organizations. Be it a League, Union, Temple, or movements of every kind of reason that is neatly packaged as truth. Truth that seems void of honesty. Truth that seems self placating. Truth that seems self serving. Our own truths seems a basic necessity to survival, yet we seldom come to experience our own truth without reliance on another’ experience, so our own natural survival needs have lead our Democracy to the point of where the menu on election day consists of pies made from shit. Some say we can do better, but the truth is we can’t.

With that in mind, I do plan on voting tomorrow. Not for duty, or survival, but for the simple fact that I enjoy going to the old school and seeing the people from this community. I just can’t pass up the opportunity to be nice to the campaigners outside and try to bring a little smile to their faces with some silly play on words with them. I’ve stood there myself a few times, supporting the reason that I had bought on the terms of survival. It is a long day, and the meetings most remembered are the ones that made me laugh from opposition. I will take a look at the local issues and vote my conscience, but outside of local issues, hopefully I can find a magic 8 ball to assist me in that matter of reasoning except for the unemployed candidate running for governor. Any candidate that is honestly looking for work and approaches an election as such will not meet their fate by an 8 ball on my account.

The Temperance Movement is an interesting example of how movements with good intentions can rise on a tide of ignorance.  If I am an animal that is soaked with desire for something, and that something is something that I have experienced and felt relief from the pain of this existence; no law will prohibit me from experiencing it, and making it taboo will make my senses that much more sensitive to my desire to experience it again.  The law will be damned, and such was this movement from the start, no matter the good intention fueling it. There is great folly in controlling an animal’s desire to feel relief. There is also a bit of folly in denying a movement it’s day in the sun. If a movement is self righteous enough to mass conscience, the sun will eventually burn reality into the soul of the movement resulting in it’s sorrowful demise.

Taylor Swift, I love you but beware cause I love Hitler too. Your skills of promotion rival that of any self serving dictator, but that is what it takes to keep this hive of consumers’ attention.   She is killing it, keeping any potential queens from dipping into that honey. Kind of like the Governor around here, just playing the game as the cards are dealt.  You are the Queen Bee and even this attention here is self admittance to your hive. :).  Thank you for being an example for me to teach my daughter. That she should not seek to be Taylor Swift at all, but that she should seek to just be; That if she enjoys the Taylor Swift experience? Than figure out why. That why may be a key to new experiences from just being.  Johnny Cash was my Taylor Swift and I am without complaint for that being so.

This band is really good. Taking the liberty to just write in part due to their name selection leaves me grateful for them being skillful enough to be on the list for this blog. Their lead singer is connected to The White Buffalo. If you enjoy dirty, blues rock, than The Temperance Movement should be temperable to your listening pleasures.

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Tired of writing so I am gonna share three of my favored videos from this group. The first one is an acoustical recording that is well done. I am also going to share a video from The White Buffalo. The song “Set my body free” is beautifully written and the words touch the heart of this child. :).

“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” Tomas Paine









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