Chip Taylor

I was listening to Chip Taylor well before I heard him sing.  A golfer, gambler, actor, singer, song writer and a human being. I so want to describe him as a humane being, but to tell the truth, I don’t know if such a thing exists, but maybe in a baby before mankind’s hands and ideas corrupt a baby’s humanity. Perfection is a senseless desire aside from machines, cooking and landscaping. And in this sense if i desire perfection of the self, so then do I seem to desire a mechanical existence. An existence that is weighted and measured against the self, by the self, damning a natural flow of self understanding. With this understanding, I was drawn to a song by Chip called “Fuck all the perfect people.” The truth tells that nobody is getting a fuck you in this song. That is a beautiful perspective, my friends to this one.  A friend on Facebook posted this song, sometime ago and I appreciate this virtual friend for more than just his taste in the vibrational arts. I can learn nothing from a perfect man, but show me a broken one free of his masks, and a living teacher will be born.

Chip wrote “Wild Thing” and “Angel in the morning“. I can’t remember the fist time that I heard ” Wild Thing” but it has always been well liked by this writer, and by many others judging by it’s popularity.  I will leave some links here for more info on Chip. He is closely related to some well known people. The links are for your own discovery, or is just my laziness showing through. :). Hey, I did have to look for the links to share….. :).

Chip Taylor Wikipage

Chip’s Train wreck recordings independent label


The first video shared is just kick ass. How is it, that the most versatile word in the English language is also a very offensive word? So many different feelings can come with the word and the word is purely a cult all to itself. Has offensiveness sown the versatility of this word?  I may be addicted to the variety of expressions available with this one simple word.  I remember the time that I smashed my thumb around my father, and whelped out the agony with the use of this word. It was the first time that I had ever used a forbidden word in his presence knowingly. I was a man then, by age and he came to care for my thumb and paid no attention to my path of verbal pain expression. It is something that I can laugh back at now, but it did bother me back then, that I had let him down. It never occurred to me then,  that with that mind set, I was letting him down every time I said a “bad” word no matter if he was present or not.  It took being a father and self discovery to understand that for myself. Both our sons freely use language in my presence. I rarely use it anymore, and do have the habit of cussing in the company of those that cuss, but also mindful of when I am in company that is offended.  With that said, this song goes through all the self protecting armor in through the ears, through the brain, into this thing man calls heart. Where being offended is more selfish than offending, at least for this one heart.  Does the word Fuck offend you or is it your own desire to be perfect that is offended?  Being hard to offend sure makes breathing easier. :). This song is a beaut.

The second video is written by a prison inmate. The words of a broken man. Words that show the way. The third video is a song from 1962.

“The majority believes that everything hard to comprehend must be very profound. This is incorrect. What is hard to understand is what is immature, unclear and often false. The highest wisdom is simple and passes through the brain directly into the heart”

Viktor Schauberger






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