Triple Dose Thursday. 10/23/2014

These three doses of medicine are created from varied alchemies.  The first dose is Phutureprimitive. This stuff just pulls and pushes the energy to the writer’s crown. I can only handle so much. Sometimes it is the lyrics, sometimes it is the rhythm, sometimes it is unknown, but music can pull everything out of me into everything not me. The second dose is Sampha. The video shared is just Sampha and a piano. It is just a recording of the room. This dude sings from the bottom of the well, and I really couldn’t get into the flow of his other material, but when it is just him and a piano. Magic beans, baby!!!, beaming me up and down into the same well he sings from. The third dose is Deap Vally just a couple of ladies getting down with beautiful rhythm with grooviness. Happy that these ladies didn’t buy into that concept, their place is being in a kitchen.

Go ahead and take some medicine. Push play,  trust me, it’s good dope. :).


Phutureprimitive links and video




Sampha links and video




Deap Valley links and video




” Works of art are of an infinite solitude, and no means of approach is so useless as criticism. Only love can touch and hold them and be fair to them. Always trust yourself and your own feeling, as opposed to argumentation, discussions, or introductions of that sort; if it turns out that you are wrong, then the natural growth of your inner life will eventually guide you to other insights. Allow your judgments their own silent, undisturbed development, which, like all progress, must come from deep within and cannot be forced or hastened. Everything is gestation and then birthing. To let each impression and each embryo of a feeling come to completion, entirely in itself, in the dark, in the unsayable, the unconscious, beyond the reach of one’s own understanding, and with deep humility and patience to wait for the hour when a new clarity is born: this alone is what it means to live as an artist: in understanding as in creating.” Rainer Maria Rilke






3 responses to “Triple Dose Thursday. 10/23/2014

  1. I love the first one—very “Trip-Hoppy” and I love this whole post! Why you only get a couple likes for this and others get tons of likes for pure garbage is something I don’t understand—-you keep it pure and fresh and I am never disappointed by a visit.

    • Thank You. If I still did this for likes, I would of not come back to it. I don’t promote it much either. It just feels to nice, when a fan of one of these artists sends the artist a link, and I get a thank you from an artist. The things that come from this, from not seeking bring a little warmth to the heart.
      Thanks bro, everyone likes a little attention, and it is really nice when it is unexpected. 🙂

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