The Graveltones

Rhythm and blues or Rock n Roll? Just Blues? Call it whatever the hell you want. I am just gonna sit back and listen. These two blokes are from Australia, but have met up in London to traverse that long held road through the London fog of clubs towards a little admiration and a little less worry of where the next bite to eat will come from. Now, I don’t know this to be a fact since they could come from money, but a little of that being true would take away the rags to riches angle which superficial television star making programmers know make their pop ad drugged audiences hearts’ flutter with hope that they played a part in the making of a star.  That their opinion matters, in the same fashion, we are to believe our opinion counts in national political elections. The folly of it all would be pure comedy if it weren’t for all the damned suffering. Humor and humility are closer than kissing cousins.  Where would the Blues be without hope? Without suffering? The best Blues seem to come from the lowest of places and from the gut. Guts that have missed meals.  I ran into Reverend Gary Davis last night, thanks to a good friend named Joe who lent me Keith Richards book called “Life” which is a very easy read.  The damn thing is interconnected, no matter what labels we use to differentiate these ebbs and flows. Blues, Rock, Jazz or whatever, it just feels good to feel it.

I enjoy the rawness with this band. They come at us with thundering jazzed up blues with proper use of echo and electricity. Oh, and don’t let me forget to mention the heavy drumming. Drum stick makers gotta love the heavy bearded one.  Listen and decide for yourself. Here is their wiki page.




The first video is a professionally appearing video. The song will be on the NHL 15 soundtrack. I can’t find fault with gamers being exposed to this. The second video is old school and modern wrapped up together in five minutes. A very nice live recording that is well done.   The third video is solid as a rock tune wise, and is put to some old Frankenstein movie footage.

Taming is savage.



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