Triple Dose Thursday 09/11/2014

The triple dose this day is off the beaten path. The first dose is Swans, who have been around since the 80’s, but are new to the writer. This group plays with doors that most would rather leave closed. Doors that point toward painful truths of life, but can help liberate one from conditioned insanity. The truth is stationary and breathes on it’s own accord and our attempt to reason it chokes the living source from it, as in a sense these words just did.  A very interesting band, and one that would be an experience to see live.

Swans homepage

Swans Facebook page

The second dose is Zs; a wild unknowable flow of trance inducing creativity. This band is not for the heavily conditioned, straight jacketed ear. Hell, it may not be for any ear at all, but I sometimes listen to them before going on a hunt for new sounds. They certainly clear the ear’s palate for the writer.  I suggest it is possible for these creations to be palatable after a few listening sessions, so if you dare tip your toes in these waters, you have been rightly warned.

Zs homepage

Zs Facebook page

The third dose is Foot Village. A recent find, that fits like a glove with the flow of this posting. This is a totally synched share. I noticed that a friend had liked a post from a group labeled “End of the world”. It is one of those doom and gloom pages themed towards the minds that won’t let go of the idea that our government was behind 9/11.  Not more than ten seconds after noticing that page being liked, this band’s video showed up while looking for videos from them. So this share is from the flow of awareness and their uniqueness fits with what I had planned to post today.

Foot Village Facebook page

“The message of Hollywood is the total significance of sexual love as an end in itself — the erotic without consequences. The sexual love of two grains of sand, two rootless individuals, not the primeval sexual love looking to the continuity of Life, the family of many children.” – Francis Parker Yockey




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