Being an old Arctic Monkeys fan is the ground for this posting. Now old, is relation to how long that I have known about Arctic Monkeys in comparison to the people that share similar tastes in music with me. It’s not like the Arctic Monkeys have been around for a very long time.  They have grown into the Alex Turner experience, and that in a sense is how large egos fueled by talented charisma works.  The illusion of people being larger than life takes place and become excellent distractions from our own miseries and joys (Think Elvis).  A small part of us being able to be wonderfully distracted by the Arctic Monkeys is due to a small band from Sheffield, England, that went by the name of Milburn.

To understand how Milburn played a role in this, we have to go back to a time when Milburn was more popular than Arctic.  Popular enough for Arctic Monkeys to be invited to open for Milburn back in 2005.  Both the bands are from Sheffield and listening to the music both bands played from that time period, the connection is pretty easy to see why they would have toured together. A theory could be, that this sound grew and developed out of Sheffield and that the Arctic Monkeys rose to the top or is it just consequences of  industry? As I traverse with the flowing musical throughways presented with the available common technology and finding this sweet little nugget of influence on a very popular band; I would be at a miss, not to share the creations from these creationists, that have since moved on to other endeavors.  I always enjoyed learning the history of things, and I suppose the history of musical influence is an unending field of discovery on its own. Here are some Milburn links.

Current Milburn fan site

Milburn wiki page

The first two videos are from Milburn and the third video is one of the first releases from Arctic Monkeys back in the early 2000s.

The first shall be last and the last shall be first.
Being indifferent to difference, heaven knocks on the door to my heart.




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