Death From Above 1979

These two vibrant creators originate from Toronto, ON, Canada.  Canada has not been fruitful hunting ground for the writer, but  these fellas have got the gray ear hairs dancing here.  This band put forth their first album in 2004, ” You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine”.  Than in 2006, they broke up. In 2011, they got back together. They will be releasing, ” The Physical World“, next week on the ninth. The interesting discovery for me, is the similarity of flowness with Royal Blood. Both band’s utilize only the bass and drums.  Now this comparison brings to mind how folks sometimes would give Nirvana a hard time over The Pixies influence.  Hell, even Led Zeppelin had some obvious influences, but I can’t say for certain that Royal Blood had even heard of DFA 1979.  How popular would the Pixies be today, and would have Apple considered paying them for using Gigantic for advertisement purposes, if Nirvana wouldn’t of became so popular? So in a way, Royal Blood’s success could really benefit DFA 1979, regardless of any true influence or not. Most of these two member groups probably owe Jack White a nod as it is, and all of them owe a bit to the first dudes to bang rocks together with some rhythm.  Here are some links to the band.





The first video is from the new album. It’s a rumbling jam. The second video is nearly ten years old as well as is, the third video. They may have been a little ahead of their time. Time will tell.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi.





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