Two Gallants

Since 2002, this two man show has been creating thought raising vibrations. They took a break for a few years, than came back in 2012 when they released their fourth album “The Bloom and Blight”.  These are two passionate performers. The lyrics are loaded with passionate emotion. Two fellows from San Fran, telling stories and singing poetry with little, to no filters. This milk is unpasteurized. This is straight unpolluted bourbon from the barrel.  A heart sings, and nature stirs not, and love was seen dancing with these truths. These truths may not be yours or mine, but any truth from a  heart, should not be lightly disregarded, when the source is so easily recognized.  It is a pleasure to share these vibrations with you.

I come across an incident that this band experienced during a small show in Houston. It happened apparently around 8 or 9 years ago. It is an example of the problem we have with the level of separation between law enforcement and citizens. It is becoming more aware to people through social media these days, and makes it appear as if these abuses of power have just recently started to have grown to an alarming state. If one looks around enough, they might see that the term “police beat” has always had a double meaning.  I recognize that many in law enforcement hold good intentions, and by no means, mean to paint them all in a bad light with a single stroke of the pen. The good ones, would do us all a favor by being more mindful of those officers who lose relations with good intentions, and help quell these apparent abuses of power that leads to senseless suffering and loss of appreciation for all of those wearing a badge. Be responsible.

Link to an interview on the incident.  

Two Gallants Wiki page

Two Gallants Homepage

Two Gallants Facebook

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The first video is heartfelt and moves me to the empty promises, promised in school books and the pews of my youth. I’m not a John Wayne fan anymore. The fool he made of me, died some time ago.  The second video brings emptiness. Sweet emptiness that draws in love’s breath. Sweet emptiness releasing through an ocean of tears. Oh, to be free with the love of emptiness. I really like this tune. :).  The third share is more recent from a KEXP recording.

“They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.” Gerald Massey








2 responses to “Two Gallants

  1. Waves of Grain is like the our nation’s conscience that has been repressed because it is too ugly to face. Hits more home to me than Dylan’s masters of war. The other music by them is a breath of fresh air after being in a cold smoke filled room all winter long. thanx again for connecting me to great music!

    • It is a very nice find for me. There are so many quality artists out there. Some I can sense have a chance to gain a little fame due to what people generally are conditioned to like. Than there are artists that lay it all on the line. These two just lay it on the line.

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