Model Aeroplanes

Dare I, call this a boy band from Scotland. A boy band that creates with their own instruments and has a little James Dean edge to them. They are some young lads, having been creating vibrations together soon after entering their age of reason (13 years old).  Reading this interview, the history of the band U2’s origination comes to mind. I am sure there are many musical collaborations that have similar beginnings and it warms my heart to see a group of youngsters creating like this group .  The opinion of my eleven year old daughter, who is conditioned heavily with Disney music, thought fairly high of the video she observed with me. I suppose these lads are rather handsome to the conditioned eye. I like their flow.

I can hear a handful of influences, that I hear in these vibrations, but will leave you the freedom to hear for yourself.  Here are some links to better know the band.





The first video is the song that hooked my attention.  The second video is a cover of Danny Wilson’s, “Mary’s Prayer”. An eighty’s pop song, that I enjoy hearing done with  youthful enthusiasm. The third video is a well recorded live performance.

The eye alone foolishly judges wealth and poverty. An open heart blinds the foolish eye so that what is seen is unknown, but leaves an eye from the heart that  sees with a feeling of compassion.



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