Triple Dose Thursday 08/14/14

  When this blog was a baby, it was a regular practice to post a Triple Dose Tuesday or Thursday. These are mostly bands that are well above water, but newer to the writer. 

 The first share is Blackberry Smoke. This band was introduced to me by one of the best damn union men to ever shake my hand. There are people who give, and than there are people that GIVE. I’m very grateful for friends like him. I ain’t gonna write that this share isn’t partially due to that friendship, but otherwise when it comes to music, his ear is good as any other and that includes the writer. It may be the mountain blood in me, but I really like this band’s flow.

 This band calls Atlanta, Georgia their home. They are a branch from the Lynyrd Skynyrd tree. This is simply Southern Rocking Blues. I’ve listen to a bunch of their songs, since they have been around since at least the year 2000, their catalog of creations are large. If you don’t like Hank William Jr or Lynyrd Skynyrd, than this band isn’t for you, but well worth checking out if you like Southern Rock.

Blackberry Smoke Homepage

Blackberry Facebook

Blackberry Twitter

The second dose is Enter Shikari, and they are from The Island. This group is a heavy electronic punk sounding band. I enjoy their changing flows and this band is one of a few that makes the scream, musical. Of course that is just one man’s opinion, but it is a rarity for this writer to find enjoyable screaming vocals. Jung stated that a scream wasn’t singing, but I have to wonder if Jung would of heard some of these vocals accompanied with some screaming, he may have waived that opinion off. This is a very popular band, and some of their songs don’t do much for me, but the song, “Radiate”, is very pleasing and I am glad that some of our young are exposed to lyrics that can help bring people together through creativity.

Enter Shikari Homepage

Enter Shikari Facebook

Enter Shikari Twitter

The final dose originates from Bogota, Colombia. They have been together since 2005. This band does it for me. I don’t understand Spanish, but the music transcends the language barrier for me. Their genre is self labeled Elegancia Tropical… Con mucho sabor! A translation into English is Tropical Elegance… With a lot of flavor!  Well, that works for me. I hope you enjoy them as I have.

Bomba Estereo Homepage

Bomba Estereo Facebook

Bomba Estereo Twitter



Tropical Elegance ... With a lot of flavor!



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