Free time and I ( Tagged post)

This writer and blogger was tagged graciously by I am to share what I do during free time. It is also appointed that I tag five fellow bloggers with the same assignment in mind. To the five, be free to participate or disregard, but this is nothing but an opportunity to share a bit of ourselves to readers and fellow writers.

 I asked my daughter to contribute to this post, but she declined. She did share with me some of her observations, which included hanging out with my beautiful daughter. Since undergoing a spiritual awakening or nervous breakdown (Doctors never pinned it down), most of my time away from work is free time. During the nice weather here, I spend a great amount of time on the back porch with the wife. I meditate (Hillbilly meditation), read, listen to Krishnamurti, Jung and Alan Watts videos. I also spend to much time on Facebook, following friends, bands and underground news. Facebook has been sort of a therapy for me. I follow many spiritual historical figures, and the readings that are posted regularly help keep me grounded in the present and with a flow of self inquiry. I have also met numerous out of the box thinkers on there, and they all have been of great help during the last year or so.

I also spend time on looking for newer or underground artists to share on here. Music just does something good for my being. It does take me away from myself, but I understand that, and so with understanding, I am not escaping the self, but enjoying an extended part of the self. The duality of language makes it difficult to make sense to another of it, but it is what is.

 We have three children, and free time is spent with them. Not as much as I would desire with the oldest two, but letting them be independent takes precedence over my desires. Being a parent is the most wonderful and frightening experience to experience. I have reached a wonderful place of contentment within, but when it comes to our children; the storms are ever rising a disturbance, but the challenges from those storms break down walls within.

 I am going to share, my most played Watts video. It puts me in a nice mellow meditative state. Thanks to for the tag. Be well to all.


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