Wolf Alice

The floor is shaking and the bass is massaging the base of my feet. Fingers clicking and head bobbing like a cheap bobble head doll.  The wild life has evacuated the neighborhood. A couple of Jehovah Witnesses just spun gravel into the yard after hearing this beautiful mess of rhythms popping the seals of the house windows. Their faces were lined with desperation as they slammed their doors in unison out of frantic desperation to spare themselves from God only knows what. :). Power is being manifested from these speakers and I am grinning ear to ear.  Grateful today for these ones that go by the name, Wolf Alice.

Wolf Alice originates from The Island. The research team discovered That Wolf Alice is a character created by author Angela Carter during the late 70’s in her book, “The Bloody Chamber.” They could not determine if there is a connection between the two. They are most fortunate to be closely related to this writer. I am gonna post some links to info about the band, as not to plagiarize the energy spent by other writers.

Wikipedia article

Guardian article

BBC article

Band  Links

Wolf Alice Homepage

Wolf Alice Facebook

Wolf Alice Twitter

The first video shared is raising memories of our last Live Action Report. It is a video that will challenge the deeply conditioned mind, but I always enjoy seeing artists cross into the unknowable. It is unknowable as to how many in the public will measure such subjects being integrated into music and how that will effect the conditioned perception of success or failure due to fame and popularity. It is a grade A tune, regardless of how the video plays with it.

The second video is a bit harder and is the one that really massages my feet nicely. The third video brings Stevie Nicks to mind . Maybe it is just me, but this song really shows the near perfection vocals of Elle Rowsell. She also plays the guitar, so she is much more than a vocalist.

I am embedding a four track share from their soundcloud page. It is worth slipping your ears over them for size.


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