JJ Rosa

It was love at first sight with JJ. A young and colorful lady that makes the strings of her guitar scream sweet funkadelic drips of honey. Her vocals bring Amy Winehouse to mind, and she lists Amy, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Diana Ross, and the Doors as some inspirations out of many.It is nice to see an artist go ahead and go with what they enjoy playing, instead of trying so hard to be the first to do this or that. I am always on the lookout for those type of sounds, but man, this funky stuff feels good.  Maybe it just resonates with these old ears, that go into a comfortable comfort of yesterday with a new twist, or I’m just a sucker for ladies that strum six strings well. Maybe, just maybe the Disco Demolition in Chicago during the late 70’s will not be remembered as an event that marked the end of disco. Disco and Funk are closer than kissing cousins, and I’m happy to see talented artists still making some funked up, groovy creations.

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2 responses to “JJ Rosa

    • Your welcome. If they come to perform around here anytime soon, It will be a priority to see them live. Fairly certain it would be a great show. Thanks for commenting.

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