The Devil Makes Three

This group of picking pickers comes from all around this Republic that re-lies on democracy. Vermont, Texas and California are the states from which they originate. I just enjoy the punk, rock n roll attitude here; AC/DC attitude without the thunder of juiced instruments. This is one of those groups that my old Sunday School teacher would of found something delusional to scare the crap out of me by spinning their record backwards or linking them to Beelzebub. The light is worthless without the dark, and this band is very warm to the inner darkness here. Johnny Cash raising the middle finger warm. I got to get me one of those shirts. Haven’t seen any at the local Goodwill or second hand stores. Maybe, just maybe the sweet wife will read this and write a nice letter to Ole Saint Nick on this dreadful sinners behalf.

 The research team could only come up with an old 1952 movie as a source for the name of the band. Here is a link to the original trailer for the film. My thoughts, thought of who will sit on the left hand of the throne, with Jesus on the right. In that way, the Devil would make three on the throne in Heaven. Regardless, I like the name of the band, and how their creation’s touch the reality of living in such a confusing place of plenty, but  where so many are left without. Here are some links for more info on these pickers. Oh, before I forget to mention it, they have been around since 2001, so they have been polishing their sound for some time.


Facebook page


New West Records page

The first video shared, reminds me of a saying I like to say, which is ” Be good, but if ya ain’t be good at it.” Be real with it, and leave fear out of it, and if ya gonna break a rule or two get ya damn time’s worth. There’s always a church around somewhere to get that guilt and shame absolved. :).

‘Be a sinner and sin boldly, but believe and rejoice in Christ even more boldly.’ Martin Luther







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