Dancing Years

This five person band is another group from The Island. Leeds, United Kingdom is their place of origin. Their creations hooked me through the heart, with beautiful, emotive flowing lyrics that grab the isness of the soul. I have listened to “Here’s to my Old Friends” numerous times, and thoughts of many old friends race through my mind, and my heart cracks a little at being so long without many of their presence. It feels wonderful to miss someone and feel the pain flow out of my eyes, without misery of suffering, accepting the reality of what is, but missing old friends, is what is. To have experienced their presence, love closes the crack and a grateful smile dries the tears. Enough of my experience listening to this heart cracking jam. Here is some links to info on the band.

Dancing Years Leeds music scene biography

Songwriters magazine article




The finches are active in the shade of a large maple tree. The jagged bark shows the wear of time and seasons. The tobacco is nearly waste high and dances to tune of a soft breeze. A wood pecker lands on the wooden fence and hops along the rails and disappears into the leaves of a tree. The sounds of young finches meet the ear from a nest close by. A dog starts barking as a car pulls into a nearby drive. Voices are heard meeting the driver as he closes the door. The voices seem to be welcoming and loving. Ahh, the front door is opened and closed. The wife has arrived. Now to greet her with appreciation. Be well.




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