This platoon of creators call Dublin, Ireland their home. Their vibrations are maddening and deliriously delicious to this writers vibrational sensing organisms, creating frontal lobe infused bliss accompanied by involuntary head banging. With this platoon, one gets what thy eye gives. Nothing fake or beautified to see here, just pure raw hardness, screaming “Fuck it all.” Art takes us away from ourselves, be it creating or absorption. It may be just for a moment or moments, but those moments can teach us; if we are aware of these moments consciously, how to just be, and point us towards a calmer frame of mind. Of course sex, shroms, liquor, narcotics and religion can be of  similar service, but art has less side effects or so it seems. :).

The band consists of four members, and I found it noteworthy that the guitarist, James Coogan, suffered a four story fall from a balcony and after nearly leaving this realm, has recovered to continue creating with Aidan Coogan, his brother,  Aaron McGrath and Graig McCann. More info on the band and Jame’s recovery is here.

iTunes link to Die Young album.


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The first video is well created. The song, Dead Road, grew on me quickly. The second video is a bloody mess, but the tune flows in tune with the chaotic chaos.  The third video is blow your speakers material. Crank it to 11. :).

Is there any greater knowledge than seeing the futility in it?





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