Los Disfuncionales (The Disfunction)

The Disfunction has been creating together since 2008. Rincon, Puerto Rico is their being of origin. They are self labeled as an Indie Electronica band. As listening to their creations, I get an 80’s vibe of recall. Nothing really obvious, but a nice influence feels present, and their flow swings softly without any identifiable weakness.  Skillful artists, who create beautiful. emotional art. Nothing more or less could a mindless ear ask for. 🙂 Keep your ears open for this band. This may be the first you hear of them, but it may just not be the last.

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The first song shared is not promoted for some reason, unknown to me. This song comes across spiritually to “me.”  Not in any fanatical religious sense, but a spiritual sense of reality. What in my life, has snowed me in.  As “I’ enquire about  my own snow covered experience of being; it is fear of the truth or reality that has seemingly left me faceless.

The second share is their first VEVO video. Addictions can get the best of any of us. Be it a lover or a needle, they can be the same prisons despite their differing geographies in the mind.

The third share is about something that no one ever sucks at. Let’s dance, and leave the judges to their own obedient miseries. :).


Obedience driven by fear,  is a delusional force blocking the unknowable nature of creation’s flow.





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