More Maps of the American Nations

Maps of American nations. Well done and very interesting look at the political and cultural differences geographically.

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Post updated, 6/10/14. See below!

As we saw previously (see My Most Read Posts), my post Maps of the American Nations is the single most popular post so far here on my blog. Americans all over are supremely interested in both their origins and the reasons for the cultural quirks of the different American regions.

Fundamentally, the reason for these regional differences is the inherited traits of the people who comprise the various ethnonational regions. In this post, I will further elucidate the existence and pervasiveness of these differences, as well as make the case for their ultimately genetic underpinnings. As well, I will tackle the persistent myth of “assimilation” that is often thrown about in discussion of American regional differences and other human differences.

The roots of these regional differences across the continent trace themselves to the people who settled them. This begins with the founding groups, whose…

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