Mutts is based out of Chicago. The lead singer,  Mike Maimone, is from Cleveland. Come across this band by the way of Company of Thieves.  Out of the bands on the list, this one came to mind last night. See, the wife has gone wild on She has been researching my side of the family, and when I got home from work yesterday; She explained to me, that I am related to Pocahontas. As she was explaining this to our sons, she joked that they are diluted due to the different types of races in my ancestry.  Well, in truth, me and the boys are mutts. Now, they may not be as muttish as I am, due to the wife being less diluted :).  Since nothing is coincidence, this band had to be shared.

They are deserving, regardless of personal events here. Maimone has one of those voices, that is very unique. Here is another talented vocalist, that might be overlooked by heavily conditioned listeners.  They list themselves as Grunge, and some tracks fit that, but there is a couple that are raspy and American, like a good southern bourbon.




Album link, name your price. Don’t be cheap, if you can afford it.

The first two videos are tracks that remind me of American bourbon.  Prizefighter draws a few tears here. The third is more grungy and has a more rapid flow.  School house American rock.

“The truth is poison if not acted upon”






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