This band falls into my K.Y.M. category.  This term was coined to me by the oldest son as he would call this Kill Yourself Music. He was joking of course, but it is emotional, but what good music isn’t. Country music can be uplifting as well as Kill Yourself Music. Maybe the EMO genre doesn’t enter the uplifting area enough; to beat the goth type wrap it seems to lug around.  Don’t know if this band is EMO or not, but they are self described as Post Prickly.  I enjoy all forms and concepts of music, so when I hear something that sounds good, it goes in the blog regardless of genre.

This group is from the St. Louis area, and won the prestigious Best New St. Louis Band of the Year in 2012 by River City Times. Here some links to hook up with the creators and their creations.




The first video, Rory, caught my attention. It starts slow and slowly builds up intensity, than busts loose, while winding down at the end.  Love the horn work and timing of play. The other two shares are very solid as well.

“The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.”  Jung



2 responses to “Foxing

    • Time will tell if congratulations is in order. They are selling a lot of tickets from drafting him, but he hasn’t taken a snap yet. It will be fun to see how Johnny develops. Thanks.

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