Noah Gundersen

Sitting here waiting to see who the Browns draft with literally no expectations. Having followed the Browns since the late 70’s, it has been just a terrible experience overall. When memories like Red Right 88, The Drive and The Move are the most memorable moments of almost 40 years of following a team, it leaves one with no expectations whatsoever. I suggest some Buddhism to fellow Browns fans. It is mostly about suffering well. Good luck to all the fans out there following this hyped up, superficial, epic distraction from all the suffering being experienced on the planet.  Shoot, what is one to do, but go along for the ride and be grateful for food, shelter and ESPN.  As, I wrote that, Goodell, the league commissioner comes on and talks about how Buffalo had better build a new stadium for the Bills or else. Dude should be on Wall Street, but even he probably isn’t greedy enough for them saints.  What are all those charities going to do in Buffalo without the Bills and those  game-day commissions from concessions?  Only in America, where greed is a virtue. Thank God for music, and go Browns!!! 🙂

Ok, now on to the music. This dude is a crooner, in my book. He can write, sing and perform. He is from Seattle, Washington, home of the 15 buck minimum wage, and reigning Super Bowl Champions.  This artist has been blistering tunes since he was eleven years old.  A young gun here, coming of age, is cutting up some pretty outstanding, traditionally flavored, tunage.  He played with some bands, and eventually cut out on his own, and now performs with his sister, Abby.  Let’s get to it.




wikipage (yes, one of the few on here to have one of these)


The first video is about cigarettes or not, and is cleverly, well done. The second  song would fit well with this past weeks episode on Cosmos. The third is a catchy, thunder rolling, rocky stream of cream.






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