Wayne Szalinski

This is a band, not the dude that shrunk his kids back in 1989. This band is assembled from East Lansing, Michigan. They are a group of college students at Michigan State University.  I have been listening to their creations for a couple of hours, and I like the flow.  Very solid rock sound, that has a bit of pop to it, and enough groove to carve a fanbase out for themselves, if they stick to it.  I don’t listen to enough popular music these days to know what is in vogue.

While doing some research on the band, our researchers  found another blogger already has a nice interview on the band here.  If you dig their music and wanna know some personal information about the band, I suggest you move the cursor to the link and click the left button on your mouse.  There is just not enough traffic here to spend hours digging up information that nobody but family reads.  If you say your not family, and you got this far, well consider yourself family now. :). Send me your info and I will include you in the will for a cut of the proceeds from this blog. ( Any spammers wanting to help me make money from this, save your time and spam someone else. I am happy doing this for nothing.)

Here are some links for the band







2 responses to “Wayne Szalinski

  1. I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it for them. Atrophy for Lethargy sounds like the not-quite-as-impressive offspring of The Prodigals and Flogging Molly.
    Layers of Bandages and Deerling just left me flat.
    Still, I’m sure they have an audience that’s perfect for them, and I look forward to listening again after they’ve gotten a few miles under them.

    • I can’t argue with ya. Most these bands I share never graduate from van tours. I should probably go listen to those two bands you compared them too. I have heard of flogging Molly.

      I do appreciate your perspective. You got some sharp ears.

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