Andy C Saxton

Someone once said the bass was created only to base the beat of a song.  Well, an example of nothing remaining the same, is the evolution of bass playing. Mankind seems lost to evolution in so many ways, like politics as an example, but when it comes to art; Darwinism makes some sense.  Andy C Saxton is an example of evolution gone good.

When I was a young man, free from ear hairs, Billy Sheehan was the king of bass. Now, I’m not comparing Andy to Billy, but there are a bunch of Billies around now. There has been an incredible evolution of how the bass is used to create and Andy is someone that caught my ear, that isn’t performing for stadiums full of noggins.

The only lyrical song, ” Pretty Puppets”,  that I could find from Andy is a fairly accurate statement on the current state of popular music. I share his opinion on it, but recognize it is probably on the extreme side of things, but as with all things, there is always some exceptions. I used to believe that if the music is good enough, it will find enough ears to earn it’s just due, but I no longer believe that. Not to take anything away from artists that play the game well, within the rules established, by the natural capitalistic restrictions inherited.  These media darlings are talented and enough people enjoy things just as they are, to keep those rules in effect, no matter how many great artists pass through without any real taste of conditional success. It is what it is, and until the listener changes, the music industry will continue feeding the masses with what has filled the industry’s bellies. I enjoy listening to what capitalism overlooks, and in a way find a grain of liberty from discovering great music outside their realm;  free from the herd’s authority.  :).




The first video, Pretty Puppets, is the truth. The other two videos are excellent shreds.

” Seeing is believing, but feeling’s the naked truth”  John Ray




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