Humming House

Humming House is a self described Irish Porch Stomp band. Any band that self associates with a porch, births curiosity in me. They hail from one of the music capitols of the Universe. Nashville, Tennessee a glorious swamp of diversity when it comes to sound and vibrations, and if you weren’t aware of that, now you are :). Around here, a swamp is a good thing, so folks from that area, please take no offense. Swamps are good for the environment and ecology of things, but please just don’t find yourself lost in one.  Hopefully for this band, their talent doesn’t get lost, cause they sound pretty talented here.

Here is their bio.   I could compare them to this and that, but I am not very good at that.  May have never been, but I do enjoy hearing others opinions on what their sounds remind them of and so forth. You all, seem a bit better at that, than I am.

Here are some links to the band’s creations and getting connected.

A free live album courtesy of the Noisetrade path.  Pay what you can, and if nothing is all you can afford, it is fine.

Humming House home page

Humming House Facebook page

Humming House Twitter

The first video shared here, is the one that perked my ears. Humming House performs Michael Jackson’s ” Billie Jean”.  I am a sucker for older pop tunes, that are done anew from a different genre.  Alien Ant Farm comes to mind with their cover of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.  That cover still gets me jacked up.


The second video seems an ode to pragma or long lasting love. A love that only a couple having survived the ups and downs of life’s changes together and live to learn from the painful lessons relationships can provide.  It is a very nice song, accompanied by some good visuals, that will tug at the heart of anyone familiar with long lasting love.

The third video is a couple of years old, but it is new to me, and has a good, old fashioned, down home feel to it.


Here is a little plug for a school mates cousin. This person appears to be a talent with cymatics and any artists interested in using this concept with their own art, might do well to investigate the possibilities here.  A sample of their work is meshed with Tool.


” We are as much as we see. Faith is sight and knowledge. The hands only serve the eyes”  Henry Thoreau


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