Timing is everything?

 Perspective being everything may be the best perspective to have. Somewhere along the path of this life, I was told by an authority that I had accepted as an authority, that timing is everything. That perspective to me is wrong now. That old perspective had left me blaming myself for missed opportunities and blaming it on my timing.  It’s a bit crazy how such simple things can lead to much misery and suffering. The perspective of time left me a victim of this thing we label time. I had given time to much credit and value, when maybe it was not warranted. It excused my responsibility for things, and created a false sense of security or a wall against things as they are. This thing we call time may best be left alone, at least emotionally wise.

 I write this, with out really knowing. It seems logical, and letting go of time has brought me a much better sense of peace and acceptance of how things are, be it good or ill. Yes, time still has authority, as I still live with it, but not for or against it. Time is not a king, but just a friend that helps bring a little order to the natural chaos of things as they are;  nothing more or less.

 I am open to other perspectives and would be grateful for them, be they in agreement or disagreement. I have found that I learn the most from those I disagree with, but feel some comfort from those in agreement.

 An open mind is hard to hurt with opinion


9 responses to “Timing is everything?

  1. Timing can be important, but it isn’t everything. And sometimes, you get to make your own timing.
    I don’t know that writing it all off is a good thing, but you can definitely temper it with a different perspective rather than having it be everything.

    • Thank you. I had to focus on getting my house and life in order, so this is more of a hobby, than an obsession, which it had become while I was going through a mid life crisis of sorts.
      And yes, I agree with knowing then, what I seem to know now, but looking back at how wrong I was then, makes my knowing more softly than it was then. I may be wrong now, but it sure as heck feels a lot better, and makes me less of an asshole. Maybe it is a benefit from ageing.

  2. Great to see you back!..have been going through some struggles on this end and am facing “ol’ clock face” one day after another right now. All we can do is the best we can and if we are lucky, we gain more friends than we lose along the way.

    • Thank you bro, I apologize for not giving yourself and others attention in visiting your pages. If you were me, you would understand. Do your best to not blame the clock, I found it to be a crutch, but hey whatever gets us to the next day, is all that matters.

      • You get a group of bloggers that visit and it is like an empty seat at the table when you lose one…there is no pressure because we are just a virtual community, but community none the less. People appear and disappear all the time- it is part of the game.
        All I meant about time is that I started living it in smaller chunks when things got tough. Making it through a day being an accomplishment. Check out “dancing for life” on my site if you are curious. And I wish you well. Again no worries and keep on rockin’


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