Shakey Graves – Artist of the week 07/26

They say everything that comes from Texas is bigger. They like big shit in Texas: BIG Trucks, BIG statues, BIG houses, BIG bars, BIG parties. Maybe all that is just stereotyping. They seem to like the little government concept, but on the other hand one could say they are BIG on personal freedom. I have never been there, so I just don’t know what the nitty gritty is to all the BIGNESS and Texas. They seem to embrace it from where I am sitting and I am fine with that.

I do know that BIG can come in small packages; like a one man band called Shakey Graves. The name alone is enough to draw attention. When I first checked his tunage out; I was drawn to the deep spots in my heart. The place where long ago resides. There is enough bluesy grime to swell my emotional thermometer. Than he breaks our that warm glowing voice of his and I feel a little piece of Heaven.

When one combines his style, songwriting and crooning there is something pretty BIG here.  Enjoy some BIG sound from Texas courtesy of a little intuition.

Shakey Graves Facebook page

Shakey Graves homepage

Shakey Graves Tumbler page

The wise way is His way.  Pray for everything’s peace, love, care and virtue.


6 responses to “Shakey Graves – Artist of the week 07/26

    • I thought of you when listening to him. To me he has a down to earth feel to him. It didn’t take many listens for me to like him. His lyrics grabbed my mind.

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