Fletcher (Live Action Report)

What a wonderful nightcap to a great day for myself. I spent a few hours with my future ex-wife ( we are going to be the greatest divorced couple ever. It is wise on both our parts.) I watched Pacific Rim with my eldest and enjoyed “Sons of Anarchy” flashbacks. I than travelled to the city on my own and enjoyed one of best live performances in my recent memory.

Fletcher is very comfortable in their own skin. The whole package is apparent to me. It comes down to simple math ( Great drums + Great guitar + Great bass + Great vocals = Great band.)  To truly appreciate how great this band is; one has to see them live. That is the long and short of it.

I did take the chance to talk to them and I must thank the Tee ball coach who uses hardballs (the wise use softballs) with the little ones. Harvey Baker (the bassist) told me why he quit playing baseball as a little one. His first practice, and first attempt at catching a ball ended with his face being the glove. Baseball career over, hence music career and lots of happy ears. All three band members have found their calling as artists.

Something else I learned from Fletcher and it would be a word to the wise. Think very carefully about if and how you buy ad space from social media sites.  These boys were humble enough to share with me some of the nightmares of social media. They are looking at starting their fan page on Facebook a new. A new page is in the works, and all of their ACTIVE fans should be looking for this to come. I would suggest using Twitter to announce it, but these boys will figure it out. Social media is an important tool for artists in 2013, but be very careful of where you step. There are shit piles laying about, and nobody likes shit shoes ( I love the dogs though.)

This band brings a balanced game to the table, even if they do count cards. Just sit back an enjoy their craft.

My original post about Fletcher in March.

Fletcher iTunes page

Fletcher Twitter page

Fletcher homepage (reverb)


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