Jungle Doctors are the band of the month 07/2013

This is a special band. It didn’t take me weeks of hearing them to see it. They got it. I don’t say this very often. Not for a band with less than a thousand fans on Facebook. I trust myself and I trust you will see and hear what I do. If not, that is ok, freedom is awesome. They are from The Island. Teddington and London to be exact.

I could go on and on about these kids, but my passion is driven by a book, which I am writing. I am inspired by Isaiah 28:9. I will be sharing bands, but with less fanfare. It is about the music anyways, not my mindful ramblings. Enjoy this band before the world does.

The first video “Boat Song” is bursting with charisma. The second video “Landslide” is a pure Island tune. The third video “Better” is another great tune.

Jungle Doctors Homepage

Jungle Doctors Facebook page

Jungle Doctors Soundcloud page

Jungle Doctors iTunes page

Much Love and Peace.


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