Gas Station Disco is the band of the day.

Happy Independence day to my fellow Yankee Doodlers. I ran this band by my oldest son awhile back, and he liked their sound. His taste in rock suits me just fine. He keeps me up to date on some of the more popular rock bands of the day. Bands like Awolnation and Imagine Dragons are just a couple he has wanted me to listen to. GSD fits in with the Awolnation side of creations. They create some clean, great sounding rock. This isn’t going to make any music critics from the Times or Post rush to their computers to be the first ones to write about a revolution in modern music, but this band does make my ears happy.  I am guilty of always looking for that new sound, but sometimes it is wise to listen for creations that suits our listening mainframes as they are.

This band from Pottsville, Pennsylvania is lead by front man, Jason Dumm , who carries the lead vocals and plays guitar.  He is a fine artist and if the Research Department is correct, he is also a pretty cool dad. Here is some footage of his four year old son crushing some drums.  Mike Reed is on lead guitar and vocals. Jonathan “Bug” Price is on bass and vocals and Rob Hampton is the drummer.  This band has been together for three years, but not a lot of original material is available.  I usually keep  groups like this on watch and wait list.  Two of their original tracks sound really good to me, so here they are. I had one band on watch for three months, and they only had one single available. Now that single is being promoted the crap out of, and it is still the only track available from them(Haerts.)

The first video “Dance Floor” has a Linkin Park feel to it.  The second video “Fake” is a tune that reminds me of Alkaline Trio and their newer stuff. The third video “Sail” is a cover of Awolnation.

Gas Station Disco Homepage

Gas Station Disco Facebook page

Gas Station Disco Twitter feed

Gas Station Disco iTunes page

Thanks for visiting and do please come back.  Please pray for everything’s Love, Peace, Care and Virtue.


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