Josh White is the Artist of the Day

Josh is located in Portland, Oregon. I found Josh through another Josh, and that Josh is Josh Garrels. As I have gotten closer to God in my relationship with Him, it has been much easier finding artists with a spiritual lean. Josh brings the gospel soft and hard, Like a hard boiled egg. An open heart that is connected to an open mind, that has throttled away the mess our society feeds us on a daily, by the minute basis. That is just the way I like it. No beating around the bush, but he has got that bush burning with faith and belief. I feel drawn to meet both Joshes, but I follow the path that the Great Spirit has laid out for me. If it is to be, it will be, so be it.
Josh has posted sermons on his website. His sermons speak directly to my own spiritual enlightenment. He talks about being filled with the Holy Spirit and draws on the scriptures to help folks like myself understand this enlightenment. I will tell my story some day, but I figure it is no different than many who come to understand God in their own way. I am not worthy of such blessings, but that alone to me is overwhelming enough. Also, the sermons are free downloads in mp3 format. I encourage any and all to download a couple if you are of faith, or even interested in some very modern teachings, that are full of the Holy Spirit.

The music created by both Joshes are loaded with incredible spiritual wisdom. Josh White has a beautiful voice and the songs speak for themselves and need little fanfare from myself.

The linked video is five videos of Josh. All are worthy of a listen.

Josh White Facebook page

Door of Hope website (link to sermons)

Pray 4 Everything’s Love, Peace, Care and Virtue.


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