FIREWATER is the band of the day.

FIREWATER is from all over. The main dude is Tod Ashley who started the band in the mid to late 90’s. Their sound is unique and fresh as the morning dew. It was hard for me to not enjoy the flow and ebb of the numerous tracks available on the Tube from FIREWATER. There is a 60’s through modern times vibe to all their tunes. I can hardly believe that their sounds haven’t gotten more attention, but it is what it is, I suppose.

FIREWATER has far to many artist contributing to their body of work to list. Tod Ashley is the one constant member of the band. His voice has a hypnotic glow that keeps my interest and has gone well with reading or playing a game on the PS3. If you want to have a balanced track list on your personal music player, than this band will surely add balance to it for you. Heck, add all the bands from this blog and you will find a pretty balanced list. Hip Hop is missing from the scale, but it has been my one main downfall as a music blogger. I have looked and will continue to look for underground rappers that get down with it.

The first video “Paradise” is a live cut. This song is top shelf. The second video “Glitter Days” is a newer release. The third video “Get Out of my Head” is a little more lively and doesn’t come up short. I love it.

FIREWATER Facebook page


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