Filter vs Non Filter?

Now it is getting late, or early where I am stationed at. Depends how one looks at 2:00 a.m. My fellow drunkards have a half hour to slam their misery into oblivion or utilize those goggles towards an encounter that temporally relieves their painful loneliness. Know that I am alone, but I will never be lonely again, unless this thing called Hell is what will happen if the Earth becomes lifeless due to our own inability to see that the balance between Nature and Man is rotted to the core. I pray for everything’s Love, Peace, Care and Virtue. If you don’t believe in God, that is fine. I suggest you pray to the ground, as I believe that is where Mother Nature may reside. Start your own religion, and pray for everything’s Love, Peace, Care and Virtue. We got time, I believe, but our Grandchildren may suffer due to our collective stupidity.

 The original idea behind this post was fueled by trying to find usefulness for Cigarette butts. I am a smoker, who can quit when I want to. I can’t quit chewing the stuff. Anyways, I have this theory that after sprinkling the unburned tobacco onto the ground, I can rip the paper off, than stuff the nicotine stained filter into the ground. I figure that it being like a sponge that it would retain water, than maybe the nicotine will help things grow since the Indians used tobacco and fish to fertilize their gardens. The remaining paper is tossed into the recycling bin.

 Now, I took it a step further, and bought a couple of non-filtered packs of smokes. I wanted to see how much difference there would be between the two. Well, I found out that I only got to draw with only 15-20% of the effort of a filtered smoke. I also remembered this dude that was in his 80’s that was the brother to an uncle in-law. This dude smoked Lucky Strikes and was tough as Hell. Do we actually harm ourselves less with non-filtered smokes? I don’t know, but I do think it is plausible with logical reasoning. I do believe that Mother Nature would prefer we toke on those Lucky Strikes. Those butts are no problem to get rid of. Just tear the paper, sprinkle and throw the remaining paper into a bin.

I was going to touch on the that big assed filter called the Ozone Layer, but I got to do a bit more thinking on that one.
Since this is and has always been a music based blog, let me indulge you with some post themed tunes.

When we do everything from nothingness, we will have everything.



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