The Soft Moon- Band of the week 06/28

The Soft Moon is the band of the week. This group hails from Oakland, California. This band has been in my catalog for some time, and that is a fail on my part. This band brings a post punk, dark groove that makes my ears smile. Their sound reminds me a bit of Joy Division.  That is a pristine sound to me.  If you give them a good listen, you just might find your head bobbing to it.

The band consists of four members with Luis Vasquez as singer, songwriter,  guitar and synthesizers.  Justin Anastasi plays the bass. Keven Tecon  is the drummer.  The band was started as a solo project by Vasquez around four years ago and has grown into an incredible sounding band for this genre. All I can tell you is it goes great with strong coffee. I could imagine that it might go better with some more stimulating substances. It also goes well with Wimbledon as I watch the young ladies play on the grass. So it goes well with grass also. The music speaks for itself. It is somewhat unusual, but oddly familiar. I dig it, and I’ll leave you to form your own opinion.

The first video “Insides” is probably my favorite track from The Soft Moon.  The second video is a live cut from KEXP. The third video “Want” is a recent release.

The Soft Moon’s Home page

Facebook page

Twitter feed

Pray 4 Everything’s Love, Peace, Care and Virtue.


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