Nothingness = Peace ?

I have been absent from the blogging world for the past month or so. I suppose that a well deserved break was in order, and I have enjoyed some of the greatest times of my life. And it all came from nothingness.  Now you may be wondering what in the hell is this dude talking about, and maybe I don’t know what I am talking about, but that is the beauty of what has transpired in this battered and abused brain that rests in the head of this blogger. I have somehow been able to turn my world upside down, and turn myself into something that loves everything. I plan on sharing the path on this blog, but understand that each of us must find our own path to nothingness. It requires great patience and will power. That much I do know.

Some time ago, I recommitted my life to God as I have come to understand him. I remembered being taught as a child, that God had created us in his image, so I figured out what I would do if I was God. I would make a copy of myself for each being on the earth, and put all those copies on auto pilot. I would program them so that I would only have to bother with the really big things that take place. This approach allowed me the freedom to personalize my relationship with God. I think, God only really wants is to be our best friend and be treated as best friends treat each other.  Over time, the things that I knew my best friend didn’t like became easier to avoid or became much smaller to me. While I was working to make my best Friend happy; I started to notice blessings from my best Friend. I will share more of that in future postings.

It took me some time to reach nothingness. I was able to reach it, with a little help from a lot of friends. I was able to turn a whole lot of needs into wants. I came up with this idea that needs created entitlement and wants created gratitude. I learned that pleasure didn’t equal Peace or Love. Money can buy pleasures, but it is worthless towards Peace and Love.

I also will add that I am a Christzen. Christ is my Savior and Tao is my teacher.  Tao is so simple and those that have followed this blog, know how much I appreciate being simple. When I first read ” When we do everything from nothingness, we will have everything,” I was overcome with something. I think it was Peace. All I can say is my mind went through some sort of cleansing. I was able to reconfigure my morality and can now say that I love everything.  I have much more to share, but this is enough for today.

The first video “Nothingness” is by Living Colour. The second video is about nothingness. The third is a tune from Solar Fields about nothingness.

Pray 4 Everything’s Love, Peace, Care and Virtuosity.


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