Fools Parade (Tune review)

Photo Credit - Fools Parade

Photo Credit – Fools Parade

Fools Parade requested a review of their new tune, “Blood Ties”. Fools Parade is from The Island, with Chorley being their hometown. I dig the tune from this grungy punk band.  It reminds me a little of Iceage. That is part of the problem for me.  Take this as constructive criticism, because this song is full of talent and is creative. I like the technical aspects of the tune and it is musical. When I listen to Iceage, I can recreate their anger for myself to feel and rid myself of of my own anger.  I didn’t feel it with the tune. Maybe it is out of my zone, but I can’t make that special connection, emotionally, which is what I want from music and the arts in general. The song is a good tune, but it comes across as to safe for me to get enthusiastic.

I would suggest locking yourselves into a 10×10 room with a piss and shit bucket in the middle. Stay there for six days with only bread and water. Listen to Micheal Jackson’s, “Beat It” for the first four days. Turn it off and rest the fifth day. On the sixth day, create the craziest, angriest music ever. On the seventh day, eat well, shower and rest. On the eighth day, record, and remember that less is more.  A punk track should never be more than three minutes long.

Find a way to connect to the audience, be it peace, war, love, anger, or hate. Pick just one and be willing to die for it. Greatness is in you. It is in all of us. We just have to find it.

It is a good tune though. I like it. I am posting their last EP that is currently available (single tracked.) The track “My New Name is” does jack my interest meter for what it’s worth.  When and if they ever restart the Chorley Cake street festival again, please let me know. It is on my bucket list. Cheers!

Fools Parade homepage

Fools Parade Facebook


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