Paul Diello (LIve Action Report)

photo credit- Paul Diello

photo credit- Paul Diello

Paul Diello is an artist from Brighton, England or The Island as I like to call England.  I didn’t decide to go see Paul perform until Friday morning.  I don’t really make plans that far ahead anymore.  I messaged Paul, introduced myself and told him I was coming to see him that evening at the Nervous Dog in Stow, Ohio. He replied that he was looking forward to meeting me, which was cool and was a foreshadow to how the evening would unfold.

When I got home from work, I invited my two sons. The venue wasn’t age restricted, so it was cool for them to go.  My oldest son choose to go with me, and we arrived about a half hour early.  We went inside, and it was the first time, being in a real coffee shop for both of us. I am a Dunkin Doughnuts kind of guy when it comes to drinking coffee.  We stood near the bar, hoping we were in the proper place to be served. One of the dudes who had been helping with the stage area, came up to the bar next to my son.  This dude introduced himself as Alan Bonner and shook our hands, before ordering some water from the coffee chemist. My son and I sat down after placing our order, and it wasn’t long before Paul sat down at our table, along with Alan. It was the first time my son met an actual real live Brit in person, and he got to me two of them(My boy later said they were much nicer than the Brits he met through video gaming.)  We talked a bit, and I genuinely enjoyed their company. They both seemed so full of life and that was exceptional to me, since they had been on the road so much and probably needed a bit of well earned rest.

I shared with Paul, about seeing Blood Red Shoes (WATERS EP = blue ball salve) at the Grog Shop a couple of years ago, and he shared with me that one of his friends was Laura May Carter’s supervisor at a large firm where she worked. He told me how one day she went to his friend and gave her notice, because she had inked a deal with a record label.  Paul and Laura are both from Brighton, so that was cool as heck to me.  I also asked Paul and Alan about their perspective on why it seemed like so much creativity comes from England compared to other places.  I asked it in the sense of the population disparities, and if there was more significance placed in the arts, in the education system, in England. Paul stated that they listen to music from over here (USA), and it seemed to me that they had never given it much thought.  He did say by his experience that the education system treated the arts like any other subject and  there was probably little difference between ours and theirs in that respect.

We were treated to a set by Alan, and what an amazing song writer.  He has a unique voice that has limited range, but as I listened to his CD since the show, I am touched by the lyrics and the beauty they possess towards life and love.  The song “Ocean” brought a tear to my eye.  Being able to see or hear beauty through imperfections with an open mind is a wondrous blessing of life.  It was a blessing to hear Alan perform.

We were than treated to Darling Waste’s, Lance Waste.  Lance was in great spirits when considering the volume of the crowd gathered. My son was treated to one of the great blessings from what I do.  That blessing is meeting and experiencing the great talents like this, and there is very little interference from other fans.  There is very little that separates the good from the great in the art world, and sometimes that single thing can be timing.  Darling Waste is a band that I want to see a full performance from, and I won’t plan for it, but I am sure the opportunity will present itself, as they originated from the area that the Cuyahoga flows through.

Paul went up to finish off the evening and his voice has the range of a Cheytac M200 (Sniper rifle).  I have followed Paul for a few months, and I will link one of my favorite musical writer’s post about Paul from The Music Court.  The Music Court knows music like I know drugs.  The court is a bit more eloquent than we are, but I just go with the flow.  Paul killed it. His voice was as good or better than the live cuts from the Tube.  My boy was a bit blown away at Paul’s range  and told me that he had never heard such talent  perform live before.  As I search my own head and history, I don’t know if I have ever heard another vocalist with his range.  Just incredible range, and all the piano play was beautiful as well.

I thank all three  artists for being great hosts for the evening.

The first video ” You Lose” is a haunting track, and exposes all the vocal blessings from Paul.  The second video “Changing of the Season” is a track from Darling Waste. I dig this tune. The third video “Little M” is from Alan Bonner, who was such a pleasant surprise to see live.

Paul Diello’s Website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Alan Bonner’s Website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Darling Waste Website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Have a blessed day.  A planned life without purpose can only be endured.  Fear not death, but fear never having lived.


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