Josh Garrels

photo credit - Josh Garrels

photo credit – Josh Garrels

Josh Garrels is the artist of the day. Josh is from Portland, Oregon.  I am feeling great. I love God, and God has me right where he wants me, and I want to share this very creative artist and his creations.  It was an absolute blessing to find this kind of talent serving the God as I understand Him.  Listening to his wonderful catalog of blessings, I feel a connection with his music.  He has been performing for over ten years, and has been offered to record for recording companies, but refused to sell out. He has a story, that many of us out there can relate with.  From reading an online biography(CDbaby,) it seems he found faith like so many of us, after being greatly humbled after trying to do it all on our own.  I did enjoy reading where he even felt God had a plan for him when he was using drugs as a teenager. I wished I could of said that, but as I understand; God always has us where he wants us, even when our lives are a mess. God loves a mess, and is always there to help us clean it up.

The previous paragraph was written last night.  I was to tired and wanted to sleep, and it was no coincidence. Nothing is coincidence, at least in my world.  I was assigned to work with a jerk today.  Some dread entered my mind when I first got the assignment, but before the end of the day; I had apologized for judging him, and had one of my better days at work. He shared with me, how I wasn’t the most favorite person to him as well.  Some windows were made in both of our walls and it was a very spiritual experience.   As I drove home, I figured out who the real jerk had been.  Nothing is coincidence. Judging others comes naturally and I believe it goes back to the tree of knowledge.  Maybe if we spent more time judging ourselves, we would be less quick to judge others.  I do know that I am learning through my faith, to overcome the fear of judgement.  It’s just a little piece of this mess that God is helping clean up.

The first video “Farther Long” is very spiritual and Josh’s full ability is on display.  The second video ” Zion & Babylon” is a track that is very dear to me. A planned life is only endured. The third video “Resistance” reminds me of a talk I had with a 90 year old man last week. He predicted the bloodiest of Civil Wars is near in our nation. He also shared with me, that his mother in the 40’s told him that all politicians should be restricted to two terms. One to learn the job, and the second to fill their pockets.

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Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today. When all you do comes out of nothingness, than you have everything.


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