photo credit - Mike Dempsey

photo credit – Mike Dempsey

Watsky is the artist of the day. This young fella is from San Fran, but currently resides in L.A. This artist is not underground by any means, but he isn’t Macklemore big.  I am figuring most of the readers around here have not heard of him, or know of him.  I owe my oldest and his best friend for introducing me to Watsky.  We camped in the wilderness of Ohio, close to the clunking of Amish horses and metal sounds ringing from their buggy wheels. One of the nightly traditions is to take turns hooking our music players up to the radio.  The kids get to rock it out a bit, than the rocker elders get to figure out who is who among today’s hip hoppers.  One track really surprised me. It wasn’t about a drug deal, bling, hoes, blow or the po.  I am still trying to figure what it is all about. I got a feeling from it, and it feels like a dose of reality, but how it all fits together is a beautiful mess.

George Watsky is a poet. He has won a bunch of awards for it starting back in 2006.  A real live poet, which can spew raps off like a high tech sewing machine, who could make smart cool. I would advise all parents to keep this artist to ourselves.  Letting our kids know that we like this dude, will destroy this dudes career. Artists that parents like, are not cool beans. Always has been and will be, unless the kid is smart as us.  And don’t use the word “Swag.” That is old beans.

The first video “Tiny Glowing Screens part 2″ is the track that caught my ear. The second video “Cardboard Castles” is a sad track that makes me feel good.  The third video “Go Big, Young Friends” is a poem. A poem of inspiration and truth, that speaks to us all, when it comes to overcoming our own fear. George Carlin comes to my mind, when watching this one.

Watsky official hompage

Watsky Facebook page

Watsky iTunes page

Watsky Twitter feed

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.  A planned life can only be endured.


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