Strange Vine – Band of the week 05/24

photo credit - strange vine

photo credit – strange vine

Strange Vine is the band of the week. This band is from Fresno, California.  This group is of the two man variety and comes at us with stories to tell and bluesy power which we have come to expect from double hearted groups.  This group has been in the catalog for a bit. I  heard this track, a few months back, on their Facebook page, but it wasn’t in any post-able form.  Digging through some older entries of my catalog and remembering that tune; I started looking for it.  I woke up with the phone near my ear, with a lady yelling at me for calling 911 about internet crimes, and asking who was dead in the kitchen? I run to the kitchen and told her she was full of crap, that there was no body and only my dog were here.  The dog is fine (Cookie).  She asked me if I had been drinking or using drugs, I answered, that I only call 911 when hammered.  I handle my own biz otherwise. I hung up and went back to the computer and there was the video I had been waiting for with only 140 views.  Well, the internet crime part of my call made sense, but who was dead in the kitchen? Your gonna have to help stop this internet crime and listen to the story from Strange Vines to find out who was dead.

Ian Blesse and Toby Cordova carry this two man band. Ian is the drummer and vocalist. Toby is the slide master on the guitar and vocalist too.  They have been around for about 4 years and  These guys sound a little like White Stripes at times, and around here that is a good thing.  I can hear the old blues coming through the slide on the guitar, and these kind of sounds never get old to me.

The first video “Kitchen Floor” is the reason I had to use my last FOP card. The second video ” Bottom of the Hill” is a live track that would give Jack White a wide smile.  The third video “Ghosts” is another blues fest with some psychedelic tinges to it.

Strange Vine Facebook page

Strange Vine MySpace page

Strange Vine Sonicbids page

Strange Vine Twitter feed

Due to camping and lack of electric and internet access, this will be my last share of the week. I wish all my fellow countrymen a great weekend and remember those that gave all for our way of life and governance.  Our way of governance may be full of imperfections, but the sacrifices made, that we remember this weekend were pure and perfectly intended.  Cheers!

Disclaimer for probation officer: Portions of this post are fictitious.


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