photo credit - Windings

photo credit – Windings

Windings is the band of the day. This group is from Limerock, Ireland.  They have been around since 2004, but it wasn’t til fairly recently that the group settled in to the five piece rock band that they are now. This band is a pure rock group. I have been watching them for some time, and they are  underrated.  A band being underground is one thing, but when a group of artists create an album like, I am not the crow, and to see  little love for it is disappointing.  Is there far to many good bands in the world for the available ears? It’s not like every band worth listening to has to be the next Nirvana or AC/DC.  I hear a little bit of everything in this group:  Old, New, Post rock, and even a bit of punk at times.   I am crazy enough to hear a bit of slot machine winning, dinging towards the end of ” I am not the Crow”(I did not just leave a casino, it’s been ages.)  It sounds like winning, so what’s not to like?

These guys have been with Out on a Limb recordings since their inception.  Their newest album was half recorded in Canada and the other half in Ireland. The band credits Neil Young for influencing the album, and it is pretty obvious and may be the main reason I like this band. I do think most of the rockers in my age group will connect with this band and their creations. Now those that are younger may enjoy them, if they have a taste for classic rock, and I am talking classic rock that was classic when GnR wasn’t.  It is good, clean sounding rock, that deserves more love. Give your ears some love and give them a listen.

The first video “This is a Conversation” is a very modern sounding rock track.  It is the fourth track from the, I am not the Crow, album.  The second video “Something Outnumbered” is the second track from the same album.  The third video “Hassle” is a few years old, but cool video and the track has some pretty cool breakdowns and heavy power on the riffs, which I am a huge sucker for.  Lovers of  cow bell!!! Enjoy.  Linked is their newest album from Bandcamp. Towards the end of the fourth track is where I hear the casino flashback.  Also the Neil Young influence was not noticed on the videos I shared. It is very noticeable on a couple of the tracks from the album.

Windings home page

Windings Facebook page

Windings Twitter feed

Windings iTunes page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember nothing is more important than today.  A planned life can only be endured.


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    • Thanks bud. It has been a struggle here. The music and writing helps ease the struggle and I need to enjoy more of both. You and yours have been in my thoughts. Glad you are back at it.

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