Arcane Roots- Band of the week 05/17

Photo Credit - Arcane Roots

Photo Credit – Arcane Roots

 Arcane Roots are the band of the week. This band came in behind Savages for band of the month. It was a photo finish. I considered saving them for next month, but I needed a band that would bring me out of this writers slump. Arcane Roots is the prescription for what ails me.  This is Hard Calculus Rock, and I love every freaking chord, beat and note.  Slicked out, six string, ravaging, magical creations with self imposed speed limits. Bad ass vocals and more energy than a barrel of caffeinated monkeys, I can’t rave enough how pleased my ears are.  I catch myself leaning back in my chair and cupping my hands over my ears (Prison trick to better hear television) to amplify their creations.  Don’t try that at a live show, unless you are a cutter. It is like sticking a knife into your ears.

This band is from The Island, and Kingston-upon-Thames to be exact. Andrew Groves is the lead vocalist and guitarist. Adam Burton plays the bass and support vocals. Daryl Atkins is the drummer. The group began in 2006 by Groves and Atkins, while studying music technology at Reigate College in Surrey.  The band struggled for a few years and was finally able to release a mini album, Let Fire, in 2010. It wasn’t released on hard copy until 2012. On May 6 of this year they released, Blood & Chemistry, their first LP. It is an outstanding collection of creations. I trust my ears here and know that a lot of ears are going to enjoy the experience that Arcane Roots provides.

The first video “Slow” is first video released from the new LP. This track is like three songs in one the way it flows. It doesn’t get old. The second video ” Resolve” highlights the crisp vocals of Groves. The third video “Blood & Chemistry album teaser” is just that.

Arcane Roots official homepage (Free track download “Resolve” and “You Are”)

Arcane Roots Facebook page

Arcane Roots Twitter feed

Arcane Roots Bandcamp page

Have a blessed day. Fill your heart with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today. Live in the moment.


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