Lines in the Sky

photo credit - Miami Tom

photo credit – Miami Tom

Lines in the Sky is the band of the day. Nashville, known for country music is the home to this outstanding, up and coming rock band. Get your calculators out for this band’s genre. They are self described as Alt/Rock/ Progressive/Ambient.  I describe them as dang entertaining.  Any band that lists Rush as an influence is gonna get more than a casual listen around here. Hard as I tried, no Rush(I am not up to date on their newer stuff) here for me, but I fell for LITS  creations anyways. The Police and Coheed and Cambria  are a couple of influences, I could detect.

The band consists of Jeff Brock is the lead vocalist and guitar player, while his brother Bowman is the drummer. Zack Wakefield is the bass player. These fellas have been going at it since 2009 and they released their debut EP, The Double Plus Good, in 2011. Last year they released another EP, Dig Deeper, after some finishing production by producer John Eden. Their latest EP was engineered by Richard Dodd. These young fellas have a good thing going. They need to earn their stripes and keep plugging away.  They have seemed to have caught the right ears, and as the public becomes more familiar with the Math genre, this group could be poised to make their way to many more ears.

The first video “Threads” is the only studio quality Tube video. The second video is a live cut. This cut, I do sense a trace of Rush influence.

Lines in the Sky official homepage

Lines in the Sky Facebook page

Lines in the Sky iTunes page

Lines in the Sky Reverb page

Have a blessed day. Fill your hearts with kindness and remember that nothing is more important than today.


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